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Best Womens Boxing Gloves


There are a number of reasons to consider when buying the best pair of gloves. Most beginners may not realize this early on, but what may be the best boxing gloves for men will be categorically different when choosing what’s ideal for women regardless of brand. This article serves as your guideline in identifying the top 3 best women’s boxing gloves today.

If you’re still in the initial steps of taking up boxing for fitness or as a competitive sport, you will realize that one of the key benefits of boxing is it’s being very economical. How often do we even hear it mentioned as a poor man’s sport?

It does not require you to buy all the high tech equipment to start, and all the other exercises that it requires can be done traditionally outdoors, and there are a lot of alternatives to developing specific aspects of your body to achieve optimal performance.

The equipment that you can’t buy, or have no space at home for, you can easily find and use in boxing gyms, or even in regular neighborhood gyms for a minimal fee. So buy the best pair of gloves instead.

Buying a Proper Pair of Boxing Gloves Is a Wise Investment

Whether you plan on taking up boxing merely for fitness, or as a long-time sport for competition, you might as well invest your money by buying the best boxing gloves.

The good thing about it is that they are not hard to find. A short visit to the mall, or simply by browsing online with your mobile phone, the best pair are only a few clicks away from being yours. What is vital here is that you know what to look for in choosing a product.

Gloves nowadays come in a wide range of colors and designs. It should be fun picking out what you think really fits your personality. However, all these are mainly for aesthetic reasons. Boxing gloves become wise investments when you buy a pair that should be able to really protect your hands. Then consider how it fits. Weight should also be a factor to consider, and the materials used.

Why do these classifications matter?

The heavier a boxer is, the more power he is able to unleash. Therefore, boxing gloves with more weight is necessary to protect one’s fists and its target. For example, a prizefighter weighing from ninety to one hundred and twenty pounds must use 8 oz. gloves to compete.

If you weigh one hundred and eighty five pounds, a 14 oz. glove is recommended. The heavier the gloves are, the bigger they are in size naturally to add more padding for additional protection or you might break your knuckles, or cave in a bone in your opponent’s face.

Imagine a heavyweight boxer throwing a punch at you using a lightweight’s boxing gloves, and you will realize how important it is to follow these logical guidelines.

Having trouble with sizes? Here’s a great video to help you out.

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